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The financial markets have long been known to be some of the most lucrative investments. However, in recent months, there has been political and economic uncertainty in Europe and America, leading to a fall in some of the share prices and market activity. For those looking for an alternative, here are some of the best industries to invest in right now.

System Security

As more and more services become automated and simplified through the internet, cyber security poses a major threat for most users. Most people share their personal details with sites that they transact with. If such information could fall into the wrong person, it could mean ruin for the original owner. This is why companies are willing to pay big money for cybersecurity experts. In case one is interested in starting a business, and they have the technical expertise to manage internet attacks, they can start a cybersecurity firm.


A lot of research has been happening on the development of robots that can help ease the execution of certain tasks for humans. Since people are so fascinated by this technology, it’s only a matter of time before everyone wants to own one. Even though this can be considered a long term investment, it’s bound to bring huge returns once people become familiar with robots.

Cannabis Products

From an investment perspective, the medical cannabis industry is on the rise now that many states are making it legal for medicinal purposes. Entrepreneurs are jumping in on the craze by offering a number of cannabis made products, from soaps to lotions to edibles. While it’s a competitive market, many investors and entrepreneurs are jumping on the opportunity while its still in its early stages.

Cloud Service

There is also a huge demand for cloud computing services as businesses aim to lower their operational costs. This means that anyone that starts the venture of selling software-as-a-service (SaaS) can make it big. The most important requirement is that one should be knowledgeable in this subject before investing in it.

The four industries mentioned above are the best investment alternatives to the stock market. They are new and show great potential for growth.  However, always be sure to take time to study some of the industries before you invest your money there. Understanding the business improves chances of success.