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Having money in a savings account is a good idea for that proverbial “rainy day” but those funds aren’t doing you any favor by not generating more capital. The best kind of money is working money and that can only be achieved through business investments. Fortunately, there are a wide array of investment opportunities that can generate returns at all levels. Here are some of the different types of business investments to consider:

The Stock Market

Owning a single share of a company stocks makes you a part owner of that company. When it is successful, the shareholders are rewarded with dividends. That is the most immediate and consistent way you can make money from the stock market.

The other approach is to be involved with active trading. This is where working with an experienced stock broker will come into play. The goal is to get in on the “bottom floor” of a stock and then sell when the price goes high. Of course, there are just as many stocks that are meant as long-term investments. When you work with a broker, you don’t have to follow the market too closely. They’ll keep you informed.

Business Startups

Another type of business investment is in an actual business. This might be one of the riskiest types of investments especially if the business is literally just beginning. It could be a restaurant or a company making a product for a market that is looking for an investment. This would also make you a part owner of that company even though you might be a “silent partner.”

Real Estate

You can invest in the stock market with a small amount of money and build on that. With real estate, you might need a much more substantial investment. You wouldn’t just be buying a home for your family but a piece of property that can either be flipped for a profit or become a revenue-generating property. If you’re ready to make this kind of investment, then you’ll want to find a reputable real estate broker who can steer you towards properties that will be valuable. This type of investment might also require carrying a mortgage so you’ll have to budget your finances accordingly.

The best approach with any type of business investment is to make informed decisions. The more research you can do, the stronger your investment will become. Don’t look for the quick payoff but instead, look for the dependable investment.